20 of the funniest introverted memes

20 Of The Funniest Introverted Memes

Being an introvert can be difficult. People with this personality trait are usually shy and withdrawn. They like to spend time alone or with just a few people. Large groups and large crowds are not your friends. While they may sound like Debbie Downer, introverts are usually smart, funny, and empathetic people who just enjoy their alone time. To show you how funny they can be, we’ve collected some introverted memes for you to enjoy.

Even if you’re not an introvert, you’ll find these memes hilarious. While many of them scoff at what it’s like to be an introvert and the social situations introverts often find themselves in, they’re all in good taste and not mean or obnoxious. So read on and enjoy these 20 funny introverted memes.

20 of the funniest introverted memes

1. I’m super busy



Here’s a classic image of an introvert in their ideal setting. Despite having friends invite them to a party, they prefer to sit in bed with their cat. The life of an introverted person is everyone.

2. Please don’t go



This is a social situation that all introverts dread to find themselves in: being left alone at a party. Fantastic use of the classic “Robert Pattinson standing in the kitchen tracksuit” meme made famous a few years ago.

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3. Waiting for Dear Life



If you are an introvert and find yourself at a party trying to make conversation with strangers, it can be difficult. That’s why it’s so much easier to date the only person you know. While a koala hanging from a person’s ankle is cute, it’s not really what you want to do in a social situation.

4. Thoughts versus Words



Introverts have a lot going on inside their heads, but they often find it difficult to communicate through speech. This one Funny introverted meme is a great example of this.

5. Why did you call?



The purpose of texting is so you don’t have to talk to people. This is why introverts love to fiddle so much. Silence is the one thing they like best, so talking on the phone isn’t a priority.

6. New people versus people I know



An introvert’s true personality shines through when they are with people they know well at a social event.

7. Introverted during conversation


master of something yet

This graphic is an apt depiction of an introvert during a conversation. Lots of listening, a little bit of thinking, and almost no talking. Small talk is not something that introverts like.

8. Introverts in public vs. introverts with friends



This is another true representation of the introverted life. When they are in public, they are very quiet and reserved, but when they are with an introverted colleague, they are loud and boisterous. It’s almost as if they’ve turned into extroverts.

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9. When would you rather be home



All introverts have been in this situation before. Usually, his outgoing friends talk him into going to a party or a bar. At first, you’re all about it, then reality quickly sinks in and you end up looking like the lady above. Another funny introverted meme.

10. Not everyone hated COVID-19


@zerominusone/We Heart It

For most people, the COVID-19 pandemic and the guarantee of lockdowns was a disaster. But for any introverted person, it was a godsend. They could stay at home undisturbed and not feel bad about giving up talking to their friends. It was the best.

11. Social Distancing 101



This is a great way for introverts to not only keep people away from them, but also in a safe way that can also be seen as social distancing. Introverted memes like this are the reason we love memes.

12. Missed Call



This is the exact face all introverts wear while watching their phones ring. Another funny meme with a cute image.

13. Out of nowhere



When an introvert is minding his own business and that extroverted friend appears out of nowhere. Big use of the “Jason Momoa approaching Henry Cavill” meme is sure to provide plenty of laughs.

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14. Stabbing strangers who talk to you



This is one way introverts can prevent strangers from asking and talking to them. It can be a good plan for any introvert who wants to stop any form of social interaction.

15. I won’t



Introverted memes don’t get any clearer than this one. This image certainly sums up what most introverts mean when they say “I’ll let you know.”

16. What do I do at parties?



This is a great graphic that made its way around social media highlighting what introverts do at parties. Another hilarious introverted meme that will give you a good laugh.

17. Happy Birthday



We don’t advise surprising an introvert when you go out to dinner. You don’t want them to feel intimidated or ruining the relationship you have with them.

18. Introverted Transformations



This super funny meme uses Thor to illustrate the different personalities of an introvert when they are around people of their own imagination.

19. Introverted Starter Pack

That’s all the introvert needs.

20. Phone silent



Doesn’t everyone leave the phone on silent?

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