2 ways to eliminate safe mode on Vivo Mobile

2 Ways To Eliminate Safe Mode On Vivo Mobile

How To Remove Safe Mode On Mobile Vivo

Have you ever heard of safe mode? Any phone that hasn’t been tampered with before will be in safe mode.

However, this safe mode sometimes slows down the phone. That’s why some people want to try turning this mode on or off.

How to disable safe mode on Vivo phone easily and don’t need to wipe data? Check out the method and explanation below.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode or Safe Mode is a feature that is on the cell phone in the form of a diagnostic tool that can detect and resolve technical issues that exist on the cell phone.

Examples of technical issues that may occur on your device are damage to the application’s installation files in the operating system itself.

If the phone is in safe mode, the OS will only run the executable module for essential functions.

Therefore, you will not be able to use it for your needs. If you are not comfortable with this safe mode, you can also disable or disable it.

How to remove safe mode on Vivo phones

If you are a Vivo phone user and you want to get rid of safe mode, the way is very easy.

  1. First, press and hold the Power button on the phone for a few moments.
  2. You will see an option to restart or restart.
  3. Click on restart and wait for the phone to turn on normally.
  4. Make sure you don’t click any buttons during the reboot process.

Alternative ways to disable safe mode

If the first method doesn’t work, you can try this alternative method. You can disable safe mode through the notification panel.

First open the notification panel after that look for the safe mode menu. Click on the safe mode button and turn off safe mode. Done, you can restart safe mode at any time if needed.

Common Mistakes When Disabling Safe Mode

By restarting your phone and pressing a button you shouldn’t, you will be back in safe mode.

In fact, there are also several other modes that will activate if you click the wrong button. For example, if after restarting you click on the power button, your phone will return to safe mode.

Why does the phone return to safe mode after turning off?

Many users have complained that their phones revert to safe mode even after being turned off. This could be due to several things.

  • Firstly, there might be a system detected issue that puts your phone in an unsafe position. To solve the problem detected, the phone will return the mode status to safe mode so that the phone is not damaged.
  • The second possible cause is because of the app. Try checking and deleting the apps you recently installed. Some apps, such as third-party launchers, home screens, and widgets, can also return your phone to safe mode. To fix it is easy, just delete the app you installed.

The last step you can do if your phone still returns to safe mode is to do a factory reset. You should understand the risks of doing a factory reset before actually doing it.

This is the explanation of how to remove or turn off lost mode on Vivo phones. You can try this method if you really need to.

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