16 Ways to Screen Share on Google Meet on Mobile Devices and Laptops 2022

16 Ways To Screen Share On Google Meet On Mobile Devices And Laptops 2022

Dear Google Meet share screen – Using Gogole Meet as an online meeting or meeting service seems to be getting quite popular. In addition, using this application is also quite easy and simple, although it is offered for free by Google.

Interestingly, behind the free services offered, Google embeds a lot of features in this Google Meet. Like features for recording Google Meet videos and features for sharing screens or sharing screens with other Google Meet users.

The existence of a screen sharing service or multiple screens will, of course, facilitate the presentation of presentations. That way, all meeting members who participate will be able to see what you are doing on the screen or in other application windows that you open during the online meeting.

But to do that, of course, you need to be the host of the meeting or meeting. So how do you become a Google Meet host? for this one, see our previous discussion. Now speaking of screen sharing, this feature will certainly come in very handy.

How to Share Screen in Google Meet on HP and Laptop

Dear Google Meet Share Screen

Especially for those of you who will be doing slideshows. That way, each participant will see it clearly. So how do you screen share on Google Meet? For this, there are two methods you can use, namely through the application on your mobile phone or directly on your PC or Laptop.

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Fungsi Share Screen Google Meet

As the name implies, Google Meet’s Share Screen feature is used to share the screen you open to participants. That way, when you open the presentation material on the screen, all meeting participants can see it clearly.

It’s not just the presentation slides that all meeting participants can see. Any window or screen that appears on the screen will be clearly seen by other participants. How interesting isn’t it? Now, to know how to share the screen during the meeting, you can follow the guide below.

How to share the screen on Google Meet HP

For those who use HP, Android and iOS devices and want to give presentations by sharing screens on Google Meet. The following is a guide or method you can do.

1. First please Open the Google Meet app on mobile that you use.

Open The Google Meet App

2. Then create a new meeting by tapping the menu new meeting.

Tap New Meeting

3. After that, please folks Shared meeting room you’ve made for members who want to participate.

4. If you have invited members to the meeting room you created, feel free to Touch your cell phone screen free wherever to open a new menu.

5. In the menu, please Choose the three dots icon at the top right corner.

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Click On The Three Dots Icon

6. A new menu appears at the bottom of the screen, and to share the screen or share the screen, select the menu splash screen.

Select Current Screen

7. Then, in the pop-up that appears, tap start presenting.

8. After that, please folks open presentation you and will later appear on the screen of the meeting or meeting participants.

Face Share Screen from Google Meet PC/Laptop

Above is how to share Google Meet screen through an app on a mobile. So how to share the screen on Google Meet to give a presentation on a PC or Laptop? It’s actually not much different from the above method, but for more details, here we’ve summarized some of the ways.

1. First, open the browser on your PC or Laptop and go to the Google Meet website.

2. Click start meeting which is on the Google Meet home page.

Click Start Meeting

3. After that, continue selecting Log in to create a meeting room.

Click Sign In Now

4. Invite meeting members or participants by sharing the Google Meet link you receive.

5. While waiting for other participants to join, would you please open material that you will present.

6. When finished, open Google Meet again and select submit now which is in the lower right corner.

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Select Submit Now

7. Select Window and a new menu will appear where in that menu you must specify or select the presentation material that you have previously opened and tap on Share.

Select The Window And Tap Share

8. If a permission prompt appears on your monitor screen, tap Allow.

So this is how the guide on how to share a screen or how to share a screen in Google Meet is for PC or laptop users. Pretty easy isn’t it? I hope this is all the information Carago.id can convey first. I hope it can be useful and can be an interesting reference, thank you very much.

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