10 cheap Logitech wireless mouse

10 Cheap Logitech Wireless Mouse

Low-priced Logitech Wireless mice are being hunted by computer users, especially in Indonesia. Logitech is a company that has experience in producing keyboards, mice and other computer devices such as game controllers.

Based on this popularity, NGELAG.com has created a Logitech wireless mouse price list that you can use as a reference before purchasing a quality wireless mouse.

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10 cheap wireless mouse

10 cheap Logitech wireless mouse

Next Cheap Logitech Wireless Mouse Price List most recent of 2016.

  • Price updated on April 23, 2016
  • Products are ranked from most expensive to least expensive.
  • The Logitech Wireless mouse that is written here is just a mouse that is priced below Rp. 500,000
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse prices, colors and stock in this article are subject to change at any time without notice.

Logitech B605

Cheap Price Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech B605
Logitech B605

Price : Rp. 395,000

The Logitech B605 wireless mouse is the most expensive mouse in this article, the Logitech B605 is a sophisticated, comfortable and stylish mouse equipped with Logitech laser tracking and Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz features.

BELI Logitech B605 Mouse

Logitech M337

Mouse Logitech Wireless Harga Murah Logitech M337
Logitech M337

Price : Rp. 382,000

This mouse uses Bluetooth technology which is very reliable, this mouse has a unique design and smooth surface.

BELI Mouse Logitech 337

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Logitech M545

Cheap Price Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech M545
Logitech M545

Price : Rp. 316,000

This Logitech M545 mouse has 2 axes on the scroll wheel so it can scroll vertically or horizontally. This mouse has two additional buttons on its left side and can be programmed as a gaming mouse to save shortcuts to run certain files or applications to facilitate and speed up the process of opening applications in Windows OS.

BELI Logitech M545 Mouse

Logitech M280

Cheap Price Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech M280
Logitech M280

Price : Rp. 190,000

With a simple and elegant design, Logitech brings reliable mouse features like Resolution: 1000 dpi in this Logitech M280 mouse that costs less than 200K.

BELI Logitech M280 Mouse

Logitech M238

Cheap Price Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech M238
Logitech M238

Price : Rp. 185,000

This unique Logitech mouse has a variety of pattern options on the surface of the mouse, emphasizing the concept of flat design and material design in the mouse, Logitech M238 is a very popular product, especially among students.

BELI Mouse Logitech M238

Logitech M235

Mouse Logitech Wireless Harga Murah Logitech M235
Logitech M235

Price : Rp. 175,000

This Logitech M235 mouse has multiple color options, with a specially contoured mouse surface that makes the mouse more accurate when used. There is also a Logitech Unifying Receiver feature in this mouse, plus this mouse is the most durable mouse compared to other series. The Logitech M235 battery can last up to 12 months.

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BELI Logitech M235 Mouse

Logitech M185

Cheap Price Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech M185
Logitech M185

Price : Rp. 154,900

Although the Logitech M185 is included in the cheap mouse category, the quality and features are unquestionable. This mouse is equipped with Logitech Advance Optical and Logitech Advanced 2.4GHz wireless.

BELI Logitech M185 Mouse

Logitech M171

Mouse Logitech Wireless Harga Murah Logitech M171
Logitech M171

Price : Rp. 150,000

The Logitech M171 mouse is available in several color options including: combination of red, blue and black gray. Its sleek and ergonomic shape makes this mouse very comfortable to use for commuting and other activities such as browsing and playing light games.

BELI Mouse Logitech M171

Logitech M187

Cheap Price Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech M187
Logitech M187

Price : Rp. 146,000

This Logitech M187 mouse has a variety of color options such as: white, black, red, blue and orange. This mouse is very suitable for everyday use, its small and ergonomic design makes our hands not get tired easily when using it.

BELI Mouse Logitech M187

Logitech M165

Mouse Logitech Wireless Harga Murah Logitech M165
Logitech M165

Price : Rp. 118,000

The Logitech M165 mouse is the cheapest Logitech wireless mouse in this article list. With an elegant black color and a super slim design, this mouse looks luxurious even if the price is only 100K.

BELI Logitech M165 Mouse

That was the price list for the latest Logitech Wireless Mouse 2016. Again, NGELAG.com says pricing, colors, and stock may change at any time, so ask in the comments column below or check out the Logitech Mouse sales page. provided for each product listed in this article.

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